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22-Dec-2017 23:57

It really does matter if the lab testing and labeling are correct.

Patients shop less by strain names than by lab results.

Still, that pound of oil sold by the gram retail will easily cash out for ,000 or more.

It could also infuse up to ,000 of cartridges, tinctures and edibles, which are then marked up even more.

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Closed-loop gas systems and massive “rosin” press machines are the most common.In fact, Pennsylvania will be attempting some of the most rigorous lab testing in the country, right at the start of its program.Accurate lab testing invariably adds to the price patients will pay. Prices are declining for patients and consumers in states that operate a free market in cannabis.Consumer safety measures, especially confirming labeling or end-user product testing claims, are still new compared to the more agricultural oversight of pesticides, fungus and general cannabinoid content.

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Doctors also increasingly rely on the THC and CBD potency numbers.The deep scrutiny may also be a surprise to some of the out-of-state operators who have won Pennsylvania’s limited permits. It won’t be levied when a vet with PTSD hands over cash for a vape cartridge, but will instead be levied as a 5 percent excise tax between the grower/processor and dispensaries. Underground prices are even going down as quality increases.

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